Doff Brick Surface Cleaning


Doff brick surface cleaning is a professional-grade cleaning method that uses a specialized cleaning solution and high-pressure steam to clean brick surfaces. The cleaning solution is applied to the brick surface, and then a high-pressure steam jet is used to remove dirt, grime, and other stains.

Doff cleaning system is a powerful and versatile cleaning system that is ideal for use on brick, stone, concrete, and other surfaces. It is particularly effective at removing heavy stains such as algae, moss, and lichen, as well as graffiti and chewing gum.

Doff cleaning system is a safe, eco-friendly and efficient method that remove dirt and stains while minimizing water usage and protecting the surface. It can be used on both interior and exterior surfaces and is suitable for use on historic and listed buildings.

It’s important to note that, as with any cleaning method, it’s important to test a small area before cleaning the entire surface, and to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for any cleaning products used.